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Why a log house? Why a log house?

Either because you are in search of relaxation, or because you want your family to develop their daily activities in a healthy lifestyle with an increased comfort. Ecotehnic House provide the ideal solution for everyone - log houses made with great passion and great attention.

Using the most harmonious designs, we will help you in every moment of the day, regardless of season, to be attuned to nature and receive from her knowledge and energy. Ideal for those who want a vacation home or even a permanent dwelling, log houses are comfortable and integrates perfectly into the natural environment.

Finding their roots in the Bucovina region, log houses are fully echological because of the organic materials used and the rules satisfied. At the same time, these log houses are extremely practical, due to the assembling manner. In addition, the cost is much reduced, as regards the execution time and the materials used, they are being minimum.

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