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"Shell" constructions! "Shell" constructions!

Regarding the shell constructions, they are the best choice for customers who are still deciding on the structure of the house interior or seeking a personal stamp on the living space. These customers opted for such a building when they want to plan the project in several stages, starting with the house structure and end finishing the work on their own (floors, windows, furniture, final installation, carpentry, roof, etc.)

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Ecotehnic House's shell construction are completed in a relatively short time (depending on the complexity of the project, usually 2 or 3 months) and include:

  • the exterior and interior walls of the massive logs Ø 150 - 350mm;
  • support beams for ceilings;
  • beams for roof;
  • roof framing;
  • interior stairs (if needed);
  • implementation of holes for installation;
  • wood finishing and handling.

The prices for this type of construction depends on the used materials and are negotiable depending on various factors. For a suggested price please contact us using the contact form, email or by calling one of our phone numbers.

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